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2 Bedroom
2 Bath

* Hydro not included.
  • 797 sq.ft
  • Floor 52
  • Avail. November 1, 2017

As one Chaz Yorkville's largest suites with a south-facing view, the SYRAH offers the ultimate in condo living. With a master bedroom that boasts both an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet, the second bedroom and second full bath are the perfect complement to the spacious open-concept living and dining area.   Unfurnished $3,100.00/month Included: N/A (Hydro not included) Parking & Locker available at additional cost.

Our Local Expertise Will Help Guide You To The Best Yorkville Condos For Rent

Yorkville is by far the most distinguished and exclusive district in Toronto. Its location has made it the most sought after and desirable place to live in the city. If you are searching for Yorkville condos for rent contact us at 416-925-0200.

Yorkville Offers A Unique Historic Setting, With Access To Modern Amenities

Our property rental company can assist anyone searching for Yorkville condo rentals. Yorkville has modest roots; it was founded in 1830 as a residential suburb. It was characterized by beautiful Victorian style homes, quiet residential streets, and picturesque gardens. Over the years, the district has evolved from a charming village to a bustling shopping district. In spite of its growth, much of the old – world charm has survived as the area has grown.

The result has been a unique atmosphere accentuated by a blend of old and new. The main factor to consider when searching for Yorkville condos for rent is location. Our intimate and open concept condos are ideally situated, residing within the elegant district of Yorkville.

A Visually Stunning Locale To Call Home

The allure of choosing a Yorkville condo for rent is due, in part, to the fact that the area has a formative history that is distinct from the rest of Toronto. The different architectural influences throughout the district have endowed Yorkville with a distinct character. The north-eastern portion of the University of Toronto, near Queen’s Park, is home to some of the district’s best architectural features. If you are searching for Yorkville condos for rent, our building is just a short walk away from Queens Park, and the spectacular Victoria College campus.

Victorian-Style Architecture Like Nowhere Else In Toronto

Victoria College campus is the embodiment of the Victorian style architecture that was once prevalent throughout the district. Victorian architecture takes its name from the reign of Queen Victoria, 1837 – 1901. However, there are many subsets to Victorian style architecture including, but not limited to, Queen Anne and Richardsonian Romanesque variations. Richardsonian Romanesque style architecture is characterized by round – headed arches, recessed entrances, long bands of windows and stretches of walling with cone – shaped towers entrenched in the walling. The Old Vic building at Victoria College is one of the best known examples of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture.

Few Yorkville condos for rent are able to provide you with the unassuming charm of old Toronto and the amenities associated with premier condominiums. Contact us if you are interested in luxury condo rentals near Queen’s Park.

Yorkville Condo Rentals Keep You In Good Company

Yorkville has a rich history that has survived to the present day. This history is a large part of what makes the district a desirable place to live. Socialites, both young and old, flock to the district because it is an eclectic blend of modern extravagance and rich cultural history. That is to say that Yorkville lends itself well to individuals of cultured and refined taste. We offer Yorkville condos for rent that are designed to satisfy the wants of erudite individuals. Annesley Hall was constructed in 1903, and is the oldest residence on the Victoria College campus. It was the first university residence constructed solely for women in Canada, and as such was designated a National Historic Site of Canada. Consider a Yorkville condo rental near this landmark.

A Yorkville Condo For Rent Mere Minutes Away From So Much History

We have Yorkville condos for rent near the Royal Ontario History Museum. The museum has operated for over one hundred years, and shares a close affiliation with the University of Toronto. U of T facilitated the management of the ROM up until 1968 when it became an independent institution. Since its founding, the ROM has been heavily involved with global research and conservation in a myriad of fields. It is a cultural mecca hosting multiple galleries that display works of art and pieces of natural history. As such, proximity to the Royal Ontario Museum should be a major consideration for anyone looking for Yorkville condos for rent.

Entertainment For Years To Come

With over forty galleries and six million items the ROM can become an ongoing indulgence for a local resident for years to come. The ROM sits across from the impressive Annesley Hall at Victoria College, and is located less than ten minutes from our luxury condo rentals.

Live The Luxurious Life With A Yorkville Condo Rental

Yorkville transitioned from a quaint and quiet residential suburb to a burgeoning shopping borough. The construction of the Bloor – Danforth subway increased the value of the surrounding areas as more people began to move in. Soon, real estate values soared, and the district began to cater to a high standard of living.

If you are searching for Yorkville condos for rent, consider our building. We are located just minutes away from Bloor Street and Yorkville Avenue. The essence of Yorkville is captured best by the section of Bloor Street that runs between Yonge Street and Avenue Road. This area is commonly referred to as Mink Mile as it is the most expensive spot in Canada to rent, or lease retail space.

Our condominium towers above the district, and has left an indelible mark on the surrounding area. The building is an architectural marvel with a contemporary, but refined design. We offer Yorkville condo rentals that enable you to luxuriate in a space that delivers the conveniences associated with affluence.

Shop ‘til You Drop!

Yorkville is well recognized for its shopping. By a wide margin, Bloor Street is one of the most lavish shopping streets in the world. Upscale brands showcase their flagship stores throughout the neighbourhood. Fashion retailers such as Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen, Town Shoes, Lacoste, Gucci, Chanel and Coach have incredible presence in the Yorkville area. Our Yorkville condo rentals reflect the high standard of living prevalent throughout the district.

With such close proximity to Bloor Street, our luxury condo rentals place you at the heart of Toronto’s foremost fashion hub. As such, we are the ideal choice for Yorkville condo rentals near Bloor Street.

Enjoy Picturesque Walks In Our Parks

Sometimes the excitement of the city can be overwhelming, but Yorkville is unique in that it offers a reprieve in the form of four beautiful inner city parks. When looking for Yorkville condos for rent it is wise to choose a condo in close proximity to at least one park. Our luxury condo rentals are near four inner city parks! One such park is the Village of Yorkville Park. Village of Yorkville Park was an initiative to create a space that acknowledged the Victorian style heritage of the district. The park is comprised of chains of gardens designed to mark the original property lines of the Victorian style homes that formerly stood on the site. The culmination of these efforts was an inventive variation on the traditional garden that tempts the senses. Call us for an elegant Yorkville condo rental with ample access to the best features the district has to offer.

Staying In Will Become The New Going Out!

Yorkville is vibrant and exciting, and is home to the city’s finest cuisine. It is easy to find a restaurant that caters to your specific palate. However, among the many Yorkville condos for rent, Yorkville rentals are one of the few property rental companies that can offer culinary excellence and a vivacious nightlife from inside your building. Our luxury condo rentals are designed to convey exceptionality. As a resident of our condominiums you are privy to a number of exclusive residents – only privileges. One such privilege is our Chaz Club, where you can enjoy an intimate dinner or cocktail while experiencing a breathtaking view of the cityscape.

Roll Out The Red Carpet- Hollywood Comes To Town Every Year!

Of all the features that the Yorkville area has to offer, none of them are quite as thrilling as the Toronto International Film Festival. The TIFF is hosted annually in the month of September, and is one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world. Every year TIFF attracts famous film stars, and generates tremendous market activity for the city. The scope of its influence is so vast that it is reputed to generate Oscar buzz. We have Yorkville condos for rent that place you at the heart of this renowned event. For eleven days, Hollywood descends on Yorkville and captures the attention of the city at large. As a resident of our Yorkville condo rental, you can live like a celebrity.

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Living in Yorkville is a pleasure that few people get the chance to experience in their lifetime. If you are searching for Yorkville condos for rent, you can do no better than our luxury condo rentals.
Our building is remarkable in its ability to convey the impression of lavishness without appearing ostentatious. It shines in the neighbourhood with an eye-catching exterior of glass and steel. The interior of the building and the individual condominiums utilize every inch of space to the utmost potential. These Yorkville condo rentals ensure that you will feel great about where you live, right down to the last minute.

It is our ambition to provide you with a home that is designed to accentuate the assets you would expect from a Yorkville condo rental. We have brought the home of your dreams to life!